Unemployed (Again) And Why It’s Not That Bad

1 Feb

Trust me, this is hardly an “I’m unemployed, and I’m complaining about how unfair that is” blog. Well, maybe just the first post.

I actually feel fortunate that I was at least employed for some point–for over three months to be exact. After interning for almost six months, it was nice to finally feel like my time was worth more than nothing. I found out that it was worth $11.11 per hour (which is really just slightly more than nothing).

However, due to the state of the economy–and loss of funding–my job was gone, just like so many other hopeless souls without any inkling of a future. I will most certainly die alone and bald (well, at least bald).

But this isn’t what I really wanted to write about. There are probably millions of blogs (more like thirty million or 9.7% of the U.S.) about how terrible it feels to be unemployed, and how I didn’t deserve to be treated like this by the real world, and of course how my parents think I should stop being such a putz and just go to law school already.

Well, forget that. I’m sort of relieved to have some time off, actually. A lot of people focus on not having a job when they’re unemployed. I, on the other hand, will look forward to participating in some of my favorite activities now that I have all the time in the world.

One of my favorite things to do when I was unemployed was brunch–and now I can do that again. For those who have been working too long and have forgotten, brunch is that wonderful time in between breakfast and lunch when people convene in trendy, slightly-over-priced establishments, drink mimosas, eat eggs Benedict, and participate in conversations about President Obama, sexual frustration, or a strange fusion of the two.

Brunch is great, and unless you can pull yourself out of bed on the weekend after an exhausting week of mindless work, then you’re probably missing out.

I also like to read–yes, books, silly! Call me “old fashioned,” but I enjoy sitting down–in a chair, train car, or on a homeless person–and being carried off to different worlds. I’m currently reading “Zuckerman Unbound,” by Philip Roth. It’s a fantastic book about a writer (certainly Roth, himself) and the effects of stardom and pissing off the entire Jewish population. Man, I wish I could do that!

When I was employed, I only read on the fifteen minute train ride to work, and then on the fifteen minute train ride back from work. I was often too tired to continue reading by the time I got home, so I was only able to read my beloved book for a total of thirty minutes per day. I also spent my nine hours at work thinking about how much I’d rather be reading that book then pretending to work at work.

That’s no way to live. Reading is too transcendental to deprive yourself of doing it. Plus, since I can’t afford to physically travel, reading “On the Road” is a perfectly stimulating, and cheap alternative.

I also like to blog. Even though I did plenty of it during work–when I was supposed to be doing what they paid me to do (which I’m still not quite sure what that was)–I can now blog all day long. I can blog about the latest news, about sports, about Celine Dion–about anything!

So I propose this to you. If you ever meet someone who is unemployed, and they’re complaining about it, I want you to slap them in the face. Granted, unemployment can be dreary at times, but if you’re young and full of energy, there’s nothing better than having days to yourself, doing what you want, when you want, and drinking too much coffee in the process.


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