Free Food!

9 Feb

Is there really anything better than free food? I’m not talking about samples at Whole Foods—though I’m not complaining about that lovely treat—but actual free food. Last night, I had a completely free (aside from tax & tip) meal at Benihana, the famous Japanese hibachi restaurant in New York City (and now about a hundred cities across the globe).

How did I pull it off? Well, besides my good looks, charm, and fame in the Blogosphere, it also happens to be the month of my birthday (though I like to think the first three are the real reasons).

When it comes to free-anything, I’m always skeptical, but all you have to do is sign up, and they send you an email with your free birthday dinner.

What’s the catch? No catch. The gift certificate covers $30 for your meal, which is more than enough to get anything on the menu besides a lobster dish. Both my dinner mate and I had the birthday certificate, so our combined bill was around $5 (which is the tax of a $60 meal). We left $20 since it was such a good deal, but if you’re overly frugal, a 15% tip will do (totaling about $7.50 per person).

It says that they check your ID for your birth date, but the folks at Benihana didn’t even ask, so I’m sort of tempted to go back again. What? I’m unemployed!


One Response to “Free Food!”

  1. Harry Watch February 16, 2010 at 4:04 pm #

    Freedom of speech my friend, that’s why

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