Interview with Rhonda Kave (Roni-Sue’s Chocolate’s) on Tuesday, March 9!

6 Mar

After falling in love with her uniquely fantastic “Pig Candy”–or chocolate-covered bacon–I’ve not only had the desire to go back to Roni-Sue’s Chocolates, but actually sit down with the genius behind the counter. Well, it looks like I’ll be killing two birds with one stone on Tuesday, March 9.

For my upcoming review, I will have the pleasure to meet and discuss chocolates with the best of the bunch, Rhonda Kave. I plan to catch up with the chocolate-covered entrepreneur and get some in-depth delights for my review. I’m looking forward to learning about the art, getting some great quotes for my piece, and of course, eating lots of fantastic chocolate.

If anyone out there has a question they’d like me to ask Rhonda, please write a comment on this post, and I’ll be sure to ask her.

I’ll keep the blogosphere updated on when my review gets published.


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