Magazine Brands Still Believe “Paper Rules”

6 Mar

Remember magazines? They used to be those bound packets of paper filled with glossy photos of celebrities, stimulating articles – and of course, lots of advertisements. Big brand magazines like People, Vogue, ESPN, and many others have been actively promoting a collective ad campaign called the “power of print,” hoping that it will save them from their inevitable kowtow to the digital world.

With the introduction to Apple’s iPad a few months ago, it appeared that Apple was throwing all print media – magazines in particular – a much-needed life line. However, with the recent pro-magazine propaganda push, magazines could very well be taking for granted the very market forces that may indeed save them.

As nostalgic as the campaign may be, are these magazine companies just delusional and unwilling to accept the future of print? Possibly. But according to executives in print media, abandoning the print market would not only be throwing away a former staple in publishing, but also very viable advertising source in the future.

“A lot of us sat back for way too long and listened to all this abuse and said nothing about it,” said Jann Wenner, whose Wenner Media publishes Rolling Stone and US Weekly. “Meanwhile, we sit on top of one of the greatest mediums.”

While executives like Wenner are throwing money at the “power of print” campaign, only time will tell if they are visionaries who still see something in print that many others don’t, or if they’re simply, and blindly, continuing down a path that has led them, and their brands, to the dire, current situation.


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