New Music Video Game Comes With Strings Attached

11 Mar

Despite the enormous popularity of video games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the music video game category has also experienced its fair share of ridicule from humorists and musicians regarding its obsessive, yet faux music sensibilities. However, Seven45 Studios, an offshoot of musical-instrument maker First Act, is trying to bridge the gap between sofa simulations and real-life, gritty jam sessions.

Its “Power Gig: Rise of the SixString” video game will not only produce similar musically interactive game play as its predecessors, but more importantly, it will feature a real six-string guitar as its controller. Considering gamers have been wielding plastic, toy-like replica instruments, the transition to real instruments should go a long way in appeasing the “haters.”

While Seven45 Studio’s addition to the gaming market is certainly revolutionary, one has to wonder whether its attempt to woo real musicians could potentially turn off loyal enthusiasts. Remember, the average person isn’t a musical genius – which is why the string-less, button-filled controllers humanized and popularized the whole music simulation category to begin with.

“This is unique and different enough to give the industry the shot in the arm it needs,” said Jeff Walker, Seven45 vice president of marketing. “We believe there’s a sizable audience out there that is wanting to see the next natural evolution of where these music-based video games need to head.”

There is no doubt, as Walker points out, that using real guitars is the logical “next natural evolution” for the music-based video game world. But then again, if gamers are forced into a situation where they actually have to learn how to play an instrument, is it even a simulation anymore?


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