Elephant & Castle — Treasonous or Revolutionary Eggs Benedict?

12 May

A lot of foodies tend to solely focus on brand new eateries that are serving up exotic or exciting foods. However, in the process of uncovering new gems, a lot of of great establishments tend to get put on the back burner just because they’ve been in existence for more than a few months–or in Elephant & Castle’s case, 37 years. While Elephant & Castle has been a favorite New York brunch spot for decades, it doesn’t mean it’s overrated or more importantly, fully appreciated.

For those who cherish the weekend brunch, Elephant & Castle serves up a mean Eggs Benedict inside their cozy restaurant off Greenwich Avenue in the West Village. Eggs Benedict is a pretty common brunch item, and it hardly strays from the usual poached egg, ham, hollandaise, and english muffin go-to’s. Unfortunately, most people believe, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Let’s be honest here, though: english muffins are like an old shoe–you trust them, they’re comfortable, and they taste pretty good (well, the latter might not fit the analogy). But there has to be something better to mop up that yokey poached egg and creamy hollandaise sauce, right?

That’s where Elephant & Castle strays from the pack. E & C uses a crispy, crunchy, and homemade potato pancake. How many brunch spots use potato pancakes instead of those trite english muffins? Probably none. Unlike the dull texture and taste of an english muffin, the potato pancake adds a flaky exterior, and a fluffy potato interior. Considering potatoes have been harmonious breakfast partners with other egg dishes, it’s pretty strange that E & C is seemingly the only eatery to make the genius connection.

If you’re serious about your Eggs Benedict, commit some treason and hop ship from your usual brunch spot. The addition of the potato pancake to the Eggs Benedict at Elephant & Castle makes it a no brainer, and a fantastic eat.

Note: the dish also comes with a perfectly steamed piece of broccoli. Since Eggs Benedict must be one of the unhealthiest meals, I think it’s the kitchen’s way of compensating for the highly caloric dish.

Eggs Benedict Price: $10.50

68 Greenwich Avenue
(212) 243-1400


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