Good Enough to Eat — A Modestly Titled Must

14 May

As someone who has lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for my entire life, I have seen many restaurants come and go. Some places I miss (Louie’s), others not as much (Burger King), but I am thankful that my favorite breakfast spot has stayed in business through thick and thin. Good Enough to Eat, which has a cozy, Vermont-style decor,  is arguably the most popular restaurant on the UWS, and for good reason–it is, in fact, good enough to eat.

While I am usually one to try different foods, I’ve had a difficult time straying from my personal favorite dish, which is the “Astoria” omelet. The Astoria omelet features homemade sausage, fresh spinach, and feta cheese. The farm fresh eggs are rich and fluffy, and the contents sing harmoniously as they congeal together inside the omelet. Unlike many other omelets you might find, even at favorite EJ’s Luncheonette‎ up the block, the omelet contents aren’t just added in before the dish is plated, but actually see some pan time. This is important, folks.

However, arguably the best part of the Astoria or any omelet on the menu, are the two homemade biscuits and strawberry butter that are included. The biscuits are fresh with a real cushiony bounce to them. The tops of the biscuits are crusty, with a crisp butter bronze. The interior is soft, and moist, lending itself to be spread with its best, and in my mind, only sidekick–the strawberry butter. As if regular butter wasn’t good on its own, the addition of fresh strawberries really makes it memorable, and frankly, addictive.

At most eateries–if you’re lucky–you’ll get a few pieces of toast as your gratis side, but bread just doesn’t cut it at Good Enough to Eat. Their mentality is–if we’re serving you a meal, it might as well be in the best possible form. I never feel guilty about leaving toast for the kitchen to toss, but on the other hand, it would be a food travesty if those biscuits or even a drop of that strawberry butter went down the tubes.

Omelet Prices: $10.50

Note: as stated, Good Enough to Eat is popular, therefore anticipate long lines. Despite the line, it is worth the wait, and they do a good job of getting people to tables.

483 Amsterdam Ave (between 83rd St & 84th St)
(212) 496-0163


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