Rice to Riches — Making Strides for Rice Pudding

18 May

As someone with a giant sweet tooth, I am a very dessert-driven eater. My go-to’s tend to be cookies from Levain’s Bakery, cheesecake from Eileen’s Special Cheesecake, rugelach from Zabars, gelato pops from Popbar, and many other love handle-inducing foods. Despite my enthusiasm for the above indulgences, there are some sweets that I never crave–including rice pudding. I’ve got nothing personally against rice pudding per say, but it’s just a food that never finds its way into my totem poll of treats. That is until I went to Rice to Riches. While it has been labeled as a “tourist trap” by some foodies, if that’s truly the case, maybe the tourists have one-upped the locals for once.

…to read more, continue to NewYork.com


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