Thanks, Bro — The Ultimate Man-Gifting Service

5 Apr

When it comes to gifts, men are about as simple and cheap as it gets. Unlike the ladies, men don’t intentionally leave Tiffany & Co. catalogs laying around with circled jewelry, demand grandiose bouquets from Flowers of the World, or pander for imported chocolates from the finest Belgium boutiques. Yes, at their core, men really just need beer and beef. And that’s where Thanks, Bro comes in.

Thanks, Bro is a no-frills gifting company based in Manhattan that focuses on pleasing a population of backwards-hat and baggy-sweatpants wearing peoples. The service provides prospective gifters with a selection of six-packs (from Natural Light to Sam Adams), beef jerky (from Slim Jims to SlantShack), and if the bro is truly special, a choice of either a Mets or Yankees hat or a copy of Top Gun on DVD. Also, nothing says “Thanks for being my wingman” more than scrawling your sentiments onto the flap of a pizza box–an option Thanks, Bro happily offers.

Upon receipt of payment (credit card and Paypal accepted), Thanks, Bro hand-delivers the goods to the broseph of choice, making you the most thoughtful bro or bro-ette (if you will) on this side of Sigma Alpha Mu. If you’re the type who must gift “you will always remember me with this present,” then Thanks, Bro isn’t for you–but if you’re a “here are last minute trinkets from Duane Reade” gifter like myself, then Thanks, Bro will become your savior.


Also note: Thanks, Bro operates Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM and most orders are currently able to be processed and delivered within one business day.


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