CSNStores.com’s Hamilton Beach Hand Blender (Review)

25 Aug

Continuing with the New York City cramped kitchen theme, CSNStores.com has extended yet another lucky gift to FoodForFodder.com–this time to the tune of a $20 gift certificate to use anywhere on the site. As a reminder, CSNStores.com has over 200 online associated outlets where you can find anything you need from swingsets, to fitness equipment, or even insulated dog houses! CSNStores.com is really your one-stop destination for all your online shopping needs.

Similar to my review of the cast iron skillet, I really wanted to give readers some ideas about other useful kitchen gadgets that could really cut down on storage space and time. As I scoured the list of kitchen tools, the Hamilton Beach Turbo Twister 2 Speed Hand Blender almost popped off the screen. It is perfect for mixing cake batter, making pancake mix, creating homemade sauces and soups, or anything else that needs a good whip. Unlike bulky mixers that take up a ton of overhead storage space or can barely fit on your counter top when you need to use it, this hand blender is a slim item with multiple uses–and can actually fit in a drawer.

As fun as baking can be, the thought of manually stirring batter is almost as tiring as the physical feat. In addition to mixers being bulky, they also tend to cost a pretty penny too. Why cough-up your Con Edison money when you can buy a cheaper tool that achieves the same result? That’s why the Hamilton Beach Turbo Twister 2 Speed Hand Blender makes sense from a space and cost perspective, without losing the efficiency of bigger, badder mixers.

The Hamilton Beach Turbo Twister 2 Speed Hand Blender comes with two attachments–a blending wand and a stainless steel power whisk. I’ve already been using both attachments in a variety of ways. When I come home from work, I’m often too tired to make anything but a simple pasta dish. However, as simple as pasta can be, I refuse to just boil pasta and mix with a canned sauce. After I roast a bunch of plump tomatoes, I put on the blending wand attachment, and crush the roasted tomatoes in a pot over the stove. Gone are the days of mashing tomatoes with a potato masher–the blending wand perfectly preserves the correct texture for a sauce.

Similar to my post-work level of energy, the last thing I feel like doing on a Saturday or Sunday morning is turning my pancake making into a full-body work-out. Whipping by hand is so last century. Now I can add my milk, eggs, and pancake batter, and perfectly whip it together by just clicking the “on” switch. I say the less jerky movement the better while I’m nursing my inevitable weekend morning hangover.

I am extremely excited to have added the Hamilton Hand Blender to my kitchen gadgets. With a minimal $19.97 price tag, it should be welcome addition to your kitchen too.


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