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Thanks, Bro — The Ultimate Man-Gifting Service

5 Apr

When it comes to gifts, men are about as simple and cheap as it gets. Unlike the ladies, men don’t intentionally leave Tiffany & Co. catalogs laying around with circled jewelry, demand grandiose bouquets from Flowers of the World, or pander for imported chocolates from the finest Belgium boutiques. Yes, at their core, men really just need beer and beef. And that’s where Thanks, Bro comes in. Continue reading

Five Great Places For Free Samples in New York City

21 Dec

The last word associated with New York City is rarely ever “free.” But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find a little something here and there for the price of zero. Below are five of my favorite places to not spend a dime (though I more so than often do).

1. Eataly

Depending on when you go, you might have to wait in a line that seems fitting for Yankees playoff tickets or a Lady Gaga concert, but once the “new” steam settles, Eataly will become a casual place to drink great wine, feast on luxurious dinners, shop for imported groceries and most importantly, snack on prime samples. With samples ranging from high-quality Italian meats to fresh cheesy bread, Eataly is a free sample “paradiso.”

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Mudville 9 Saloon — Mexican Corn in an American Bar

23 Jun

Mexican corn has unfortunately become a staple at mediocre food fairs throughout New York–often with stale, burnt corn, unflavorful cheese, and cheap-tasting chili powder. You can find quality Mexican corn at the likes of La Esquina or Cafe Habana in SoHo, but despite their Latin flair and experience, they don’t have the best Mexican corn in the city. In fact, Mudville 9 Saloon, a revamped American sports bar in Tribeca, cranks out some killer “fire roasted corn,” which they serve up to inebriated sports loyalists on a daily and nightly basis.

…to read more, continue to NewYork.com

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