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Popbar’s New Popaccino

25 Aug

“Are you a popaholic yet? If so, your eyes are going to pop when you see Popbar’s latest product: Popaccino!

Popaccino (n., pop-ah-chi-no): A premium blended iced coffee topped with double chocolate brownie crumbles.

One can now alleviate their sudden craving for coffee plus their chocolate fix with the unique infusion of brownie pieces inside the drink.

From the outside looking in, you can never fully understand Popaccino.  So come in and have a taste because no one can withstand it.”

I plan to try it out this weekend. It looks awesome.

Popbar — Sticking to Their Own Take on Traditional Gelato

6 May

When the Summer heat begins to blare, New Yorkers start to crave some form of ice cream to combat the sweat on their brows. With the recent health craze, foodies have been ditching traditional “ice cream,” and instead flocking to organic frozen yogurt joints like The Lite Choice to settle their creamy indulgence. Other eaters still look beyond the nutritional facts (and quality) for the old standard, Mr. Softy. But look out New York–there’s a new Summer treat in town. Popbar, a gelato-on-a-stick store, is prime for a creamy takeover.

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