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CSNStores.com’s Hamilton Beach Hand Blender (Review)

25 Aug

Continuing with the New York City cramped kitchen theme, CSNStores.com has extended yet another lucky gift to FoodForFodder.com–this time to the tune of a $20 gift certificate to use anywhere on the site. As a reminder, CSNStores.com has over 200 online associated outlets where you can find anything you need from swingsets, to fitness equipment, or even insulated dog houses! CSNStores.com is really your one-stop destination for all your online shopping needs.

Similar to my review of the cast iron skillet, I really wanted to give readers some ideas about other useful kitchen gadgets that could really cut down on storage space and time. As I scoured the list of kitchen tools, the Hamilton Beach Turbo Twister 2 Speed Hand Blender almost popped off the screen. It is perfect for mixing cake batter, making pancake mix, creating homemade sauces and soups, or anything else that needs a good whip. Unlike bulky mixers that take up a ton of overhead storage space or can barely fit on your counter top when you need to use it, this hand blender is a slim item with multiple uses–and can actually fit in a drawer. Continue reading

Do Hwa – The Only Way to Do Korean Barbeque

4 May

When the weather starts to get nice, the only thing on a foodie’s mind is barbecue. However, if you’re a city dweller, firing up a grill is pretty difficult (and illegal in most apartment situations), so barbecue-thirsty eaters must either resort to suburban friends or neighborhood bbq joints. As much as I love a hamburger or hotdog, after eating dinner at Do Hwa, my perception of barbecue has been greatly influenced by the Korean flair.

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